raw papaya benefits


Amazing Papaya Benefits | Papaya Fruit Papaya Benefits: I still remembered my first time eating papaya. Just to be clear, I never ever, not in my dreams liked the papaya ever, but on that day, I had eaten almost 2 papayas within a span of 3-4 hours. You know why? Any guesses. Well, the correct answer is that I was suffering from decreased blood platelets. The doctor advised me many things like to eat kiwi , papaya, drink goat milk, Yulk! etc. With no option left with me , I had to do all that for few days & I did. Luckily it all worked out and my blood platelets were increased & back to normal. My family praised kiwi & papaya to great lengths. Even though kiwi was also beneficial too But I don’t like Kiwi as it dries my throat! But I continued to eat papaya, everyday again…

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