clove oil for toothache


Health Benefits of Cloves (Laung) | Cloves uses and Side Effects Benefits of Cloves: There was a time when people used to fight to grow cloves on their land. Now it is very famous & all over the world. Cloves/Laung is produced in very large scale in countries like Bangladesh, Indonesia, India, Sri Lanka etc. The buds continue to flow throughout the year. Cloves/Laung’s bud is slightly yellowish, then slowly turns into a dark pink bud. At this stage it is plucked, then makes it dry. When it dries, its color becomes dark brown. This process cloves/Laung is ready to use. There are many spices in our kitchen, which can help us with health problems. Turmeric is the biggest example of this, due to its antiseptic properties, it is used for wound healing, cure, beauty, etc. Even I have written a page long article on Turmeric & its benefits. If…

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