Dehydration Symptoms with Simple Home Remedies | Easy Treatment

signs of dehydration, dehydration symptoms, dehydration treatment,

Dehydration Symptoms: Dehydration means that there is a shortage of water in the body. Dehydration is a very common problem in the summer. The reason for this is, in summer, sweat comes from our bodies and requires more water to balance the temperature of the body. Drinking less amount of water or no water at all increases the risk of dehydration.dehydration symptoms This is one of the main...

Pomegranate Nutrition (Anar) | Pomegranate Benefits & Side Effects

Pomegranate Nutrition

Pomegranate Nutrition: A saying in India is very popular – ‘Ek Anar Sau Bemaar’. Pomegranate is a medicine which is the treatment of many diseases. It is famous all over the world due to the nutritional value of its health. Along with pomegranate fiber, Vitamin C is a very good source of K and B. It contains iron and other nutrients such as iron, magnesium, phosphorus...

Health Benefits of Dark Chocolate | Nutrition Facts with Side Effects (2019)

Health Benefits Of Chocolate

Health Benefits of Dark Chocolate: Those days when I was in my teenage, I saw couples giving chocolate to their loved ones in movies. I thought it was only for lovers. A boy giving a red heart-shaped box full of chocolates to a girl, it seems so romantic. About this romantic & sexy effect, there is a simple biological reason behind it. Dark Chocolate has some magic, which influences our mood...

Simple Remedy For Weight Loss with Carom Seeds | Ajwain Water for Weight Loss

Ajwain Water For Weight Loss-min

Ajwain water for Weight Loss: Obesity is such a disease that almost every 5th person is battling today. Due to obesity, you don’t have any idea, how many diseases you are inviting for yourself. Medical science also believes that the cause of many diseases is obesity. In some people this obesity is genetic, so some people have to face it because of the bad habits of food and drink. Today I will be...

15 Gym Mistakes you are doing | How to Start Gym | Beginners Workout Guide

trendingmantra_ How to Start Gym

How to start gym-ing or how to start working out at the gym: 7 years back, the word ‘Gym’ scared me a lot. I was a person who had never ever done any exercise, ever in life. Usually, the blood runs in people’s veins but in my case, laziness runs in them. I used to bribe my younger brother with chocolate, just to run errands for me so that, I could sit like a queen all day and never had to put a...

12 Tips to Grow Hair Naturally | Alopecia | Bald Hair


12 Tips to Grow Hair Naturally | Alopecia | Bald Hair Tips to Grow Hair Naturally: “OMG! Your hair is soo… pretty!”And suddenly she felt like a queen, powerful and confident. Only a Girl knows the true value of her long & Beautiful hair. Yes, this is true. Hair definitely enhances your beauty and confidence, up to many times. Every girl wants to have luscious, long, dense and beautiful...

Health Benefits of Apple | Apple Nutrition Facts

health benefits of apples, apple nutrition facts, apple benefits for health

Health Benefits of Apple | Apple Nutrition Facts Health Benefits of Apple: Every time I say no, to an apple, my mother reminds me of one saying “An Apple a day, keeps the doctor away” And I am scared of hospitals and doctors so, I always try to keep them away at any cost. So let’s eat an apple and start our article health benefits of apples.. health benefits of apples, apple nutrition facts...

Things You Dont Know About Petroleum Jelly | Vaseline

Petroleum Jelly Uses , Benefits of Vaseline

Benefits of Vaseline | Petroleum Jelly Uses with side-effects Benefits of Vaseline: If you are suffering from torn skin, rough skin or dullness in hair, Then my friend this article is for you, only and only for you. Sounds like a TV ad but it is not. Today I am going to tell you about, how to have smooth skin? How to have shiny hair? And many more solutions to our day to day problems. So stay...

Amazing Benefits of Taro Nutrition(Arbi) with Taro Side effects

Arbi Nutrition

Amazing Benefits Of Taro Nutrition(Arbi) with Taro Side effects Taro Nutrition: In India, Arbi / Taro is known by many names. And it is almost cooked in all parts of the country. Ayurveda has also told a lot about Arbi / Taro consumption and its benefits. The Arbi / Taro leaves and its roots are also consumed by making a vegetable. Arbi / Taro Nutrition value has many important things like...

Health Benefits of Lemon Juice | Lemon Juice with Side Effects

Benefits Of Lemon Juice Trendingmantra-min

Health Benefits of Lemon Juice | Lemon Juice with Side Effects benefits of lemon juice, benefits of lemon water, health tips, home remedies , , latest health tips, home remedies, desi home remedies, share,Before I start Lemon Juice Topic, A VERY HAPPY NEW YEAR TO ALL OF YOU. May this year bring joy and happiness and good health to you, your family, your friends and to...

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