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Amazing Facts About Curd Benefits | Curd/Dahi Nutritional Value

Curd Benefits: We all love to eat curd while eating breakfast, lunch or dinner, or just itself. Mine is having curd with allu paratha. Curd tastes so good and it is also very nutritious along with this, it’s also hugely beneficial for your health. Curd not only taste delicious also there are so many benefits of curd that we all are not aware of. In this article, I m going to share some curd benefits..

Curd also is known as Dahi in India,  can save you from many diseases. The curd is digested easily, as compared to milk. There are many nutrients found in dahi/curd, which are the ones that make us stay healthy & fit.

As we discussing the healthy benefits of curd, it doesn’t mean we should be eating curd all the time. As an old saying that excess of everything is bad. The same applies here. Curd should not be taken in excess quantity.  You can take 250 grams of curd/dahi at one time. Adding curd/dahi in our breakfast diet is very healthy but to get the more benefits of curd but it should be avoided at night.

The use of curd helps largely in high blood pressure, kidney diseases etc. Dahi/Curd is very beneficial medicine for the people of every age. Curd/Dahi reduces the chance of heart attack. It is highly recommended for the patients with a kidney problem. The properties present in curd do not allow cholesterol to rise in the body, it regulates cholesterol, which reduces blood and its effect remains dynamic due to which serious illness like a heart attack can be found. Lets share some few benefits of curd that you be very beneficial..

Curd Benefits

Few More Curd Benefits:

  • Indigestion is very common in all the ages but mostly in old ages. People eat very little food just to avoid indigestion. By adding roasted cumin seeds, and black pepper in the curd, the problem of indigestion is cured and food will be digested quickly.
  • Apply soft leaves of banyan on the burnt area of skin with mixing dahi/curd in it, gives a lot of benefits.
  • Helps in making lips bright and soft. Add saffron/Kesar in the curd butter then massage it gently on your lips, it fairer the blackness of the lips, so our lips look soft and pink.
  • If it is troubled by the problem of itching, then apply curd on the affected area gives a lot of benefits.
  • Mix curd/dahi and gram flour on the face and wash the face with cold water after drying. After doing this for a few days, you will feel the skin of the face softer. Acne & pimples removed and the face becomes fair and shiny.
  • Make a lassi of curd/dahi and drink it by mixing it with black pepper powder, and the problem of bleeding from the nose is eliminated.


  • If having worms in the stomach, mix some honey in curd and drink it in the morning and evening, it will destroy the stomach worms.
  • Many people have trouble getting proper sleep, To deal with this, add saunf, sugar, and black pepper to the curd and eat it in breakfast or lunch, it is very good in insomnia.
  • To cure any kind of cold, eat jaggery and black pepper powder in the sour curd.
  • If you are worried about the body odor, mix curd/dahi and gram flour well on the body and then take a bath. This will remove the body odor and make the body shiny.
  • Mix curd/dahi with banana, very useful in diarrhea.
  • For diabetic patients, the curd is a very effective recipe, for this, you should take a mixture of vinegar with curd and eat it.
  • If your hair is getting white, brittle and lifeless, then squeeze 10 grams of black pepper and one lemon juice in half a cup of curd and apply it on hair for 20 minutes after that, wash the hair thoroughly. About hair problems, curd benefits are best known for its solution. Everybody know the benefits of curd for hair problems.


Curd Benefits

  • The Curd is very beneficial for piles patients, daily intake of curd stops bleeding in piles.
  • 2 teaspoons of curd, a spoonful of sugar and a little bit of black pepper and honey mixed with it, black cough gets cured.
  • Apply sour curd on the roots of the hair and massage it for a while after 20 minutes washing it with cold water, by this problem of hair loss solves and new hair starts growing again. The main reason for hair fall is to take tension of unnecessarily. Most women have more problems for hair fall due to lack of harmonics, and stress. But this problem has started happening in men too. Iodine and iron content are rich in the curd. Grind 10 grams of black pepper and mix it in the curd. And by placing this paste well on the head, it reduces hair loss. This makes the hair soft and beautiful. Therefore, the consumption of curd freezes the problem of hair fall.
  • For cancer patients curd is very beneficial, its daily intake of chances of getting cancer is very low. According to recent research, the use of curd can eliminate many types of cancers. Therefore, the consumption of curd works as an effective medicine in cancer also strengthens our immunity.
  • The  has the ability to prevent heart disease, high blood pressure, and kidney diseases. It prevents cholesterol from increasing and keeps the heartbeat always right.

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All the materials here are provided for information and enlightenment of readers only. We kindly request you to contact your doctor before trying any of the solutions given here. Your doctor knows better about your health and there is no alternative to a doctor’s advice. If you have any health loss or any kind of loss due to the use of any given remedy here, then there is no moral/legal responsibility for

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Health Benefits of Cinnamon | With Side Effects | (Daalchini)

Benefits of Cinnamon: There was a time when Cinnamon/Daalchini was considered more precious even than GOLD. Do you know Why? This was due to the many-many unlimited health benefits of cinnamon It is made from the brown bark of the cinnamon tree and is available in the market in the form of dried tubular or cinnamon powder. It has a sweet aroma as well as a sweet and warm flavor. .

Cinnamon from many ages has been used as an Ayurvedic medicine for the treatment of many diseases. Acidity in the stomach, stroke or incurable disease like sugar (diabetes), the use of cinnamon powder in the right way is beneficial in all these diseases. Cinnamon is also very effective in weight loss.

Along with so many health benefits, it also has powerful antimicrobial, anti-inflammatory, anti-infective, and anti-clotting properties. It is also an excellent source of minerals like anti-oxidants, polyphenols and manganese, iron and dietary fiber. All these essential nutrients help keep your body healthy. Apart from this, it is a natural source of sugars, carbohydrates, fatty acids, and amino acids. Cinnamon, manganese, and iron are found in abundance in cinnamon. It is usually added to Indian mines, which not only creates food but also has many health benefits. The cinnamon powder was used in Ayurvedic and Chinese medicines for thousands of years, which is used for the treatment of many diseases of cancer, flu, and stomach.

There are a large number of health benefits of cinnamon but they are also few side -effects of cinnamon. Pl read both the benefits as well as side effects in this article. Let’s start with the Benefits of Cinnamon First:


Benefits of Cinnamon/Daalchini:

Benefits of cinnamon

Treatment of Diabetes:

Benefits of cinnamon

There is no medicine to cure diabetes. This thing is absolutely right. The treatment of diabetes type B, in particular, is not yet found. Diabetes can be controlled. After some medical studies, the health expert says that by reducing blood sugar with cinnamon, diabetes can be controlled. Consumption of Cinnamon/Dalchini powder of 1-2 spoon daily will help in control diabetes.



Benefits of cinnamon

The oily skin face is more likely to have a pimple. From cinnamon, we can get rid of pimples, acne on the face. Cinnamon not only clean oil from skin, it provides better oxygen and blood flow in the upper part of the muscles.


Simple Tip: Mix 3 tablespoons of a cinnamon powder in the honey and apply this paste on your face. After half an hour wash your face, take home remedies once a week.


Cold & Cough:

Benefits of cinnamon

As the weather changes,  we often suffer a cold or a sore throat, which usually annoys us for some time before going to a doctor. In this case, cinnamon can be very helpful for you. Whenever someone feels cold, put a small cinnamon stick in hot water & keep it for some time and consume it with some honey. Whatever it is,  a cold, cough or a sore throat it just goes away.


Better Digestive:

Benefits of cinnamon

Cinnamon is very effective in improving digestion. Cinnamon is quite effective for many problems related to the stomach, whether it is diarrhea or abnormal stomach. Cinnamon is antibacterial. If you have diarrhea problem, mix half spoon of cinnamon in a bowl of yogurt by consuming this you will feel relieved.


Lose Weight:

Benefits of cinnamon

If you are suffering from obesity and want to reduce some kilo weight soon, then cinnamon can be a boon for you. Consumption of cinnamon with Honey & Lemon increases its effectiveness. Boil a bowl with a cinnamon stick in the water and sprinkle a lemon in it after water comes at a normal temperature. Now mix a little honey and drink it. This is one of the best benefits of cinnamon.


Relief in Joint Pains:

Benefits of cinnamon

Due to Arthritis disease, which causes pain and swelling in the joint and usually before old ages suffer a lot. Cinnamon helps in reducing pain and swelling. Mix one cup of hot water and one tablespoon of cinnamon powder in a cup of hot water and drink it whenever there is a pain in the joint.


Prevention of Cancer:

Benefits of cinnamon

There are many anti-cancer properties found in this herbal medicine. Drink cinnamon powder and honey together in water. Intake of this mixture protects against bones and stomach cancer. Scientists have described cinnamon and honey as beneficial for stomach cancer and bone growth. For a month, consuming cinnamon powder and honey in hot water is very beneficial for it. This helps in increasing disease resistance so that the body can fight against diseases. Cinnamon is very

You know medicinal and health benefits of cinnamon. But the excess of everything is very bad, that is what we can also say about cinnamon. However, the consumption of this herbal spice is considered safe, but there may be some disadvantages of cinnamon if consumed more than it needs or consumed in some other way.


Side-Effects of Cinnamon/Dalchini:

Benefits of cinnamon

  • High intake of cinnamon can dilute blood. Therefore, people having heart problems do not intake this.
  • Pregnant women should also keep a distance from cinnamon because its consumption is likely to cause contractions in the uterus, which can lead to delivery before time.
  • More use of this herbal spice in meals can cause respiratory problems. Therefore, especially those who have problems related to respiratory, avoid them.
  • From some studies, it has been found that taking cinnamon excess amounts regularly has a negative effect on the kidney.
  • Liver disease can be triggered by eating more cinnamon for a longer period of time.
  • With an intense intake of cinnamon, burning sensation in the inner stomach may be experienced. The side effects of cinnamon can be seen very much in people with abdominal ulcer problems such as gastrointestinal problems.
  • Appling cinnamon oil directly on the skin without mixing it can lead to irritation. Therefore, you should be especially careful when using this oil.
  • Approximately 5 % of the cinnamon is of Coumarin, so its excessive consumption can cause liver failures.
  • Cinnamon can produce pain before time or it can compress the uterus. Some people may also be allergic to cinnamon.

#benefits of cinnamon  #cinnamon uses

All the materials here are provided for information and enlightenment of readers only. We kindly request you to contact your doctor before trying any of the solutions given here. Your doctor knows better about your health and there is no alternative to a doctor’s advice. If you have any health loss or any kind of loss due to the use of any given remedy here, then there is no moral/legal responsibility for

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Nutritional value of Spinach | Benefits of Spinach/Palak

Nutritional Value of Spinach: There is so much Nutritional Value of Spinach.  Eating Spinach/Palak has many advantages. Spinach/Palak can be consumed as a vegetable, as a salad, by making soup or making juice. In-Spinach/Palak, vitamin K, vitamin A, manganese, magnesium, iron, vitamin C, vitamin B-2, vitamin E, calcium & protein are found in abundance. We will talk about the benefits of spinach in this article.

It is very beneficial for our health as it has so much nutritional value of spinach.  The Spinach/Palak is characterized by aerogenic, soft, cuff-enhancing, secreting, heavy anticonvulsant, breath, gall, blood disorder and fever. Its seeds are soft, dry and cold. They are very beneficial for difficulty in breathing, liver inflammation & many more disease.

Nutritional Value of Spinach

Do you know the Nutritional Value of Spinach in 100 gm . Spinach/Palak contains 26 kg calorie energy, protein 2.0%, carbohydrate 2.9%, moisture 92% fat 0.7%, filament 0.6%, mineral intake 0.7% and filament 0.6%.

In the Spinach/Palak, minerals such as Calcium, Iron & Vitamins A, B, C etc.. are found abundantly.  There are so many benefits of spinach for our body. Vitamin A is found in abundance in Spinach/Palak which is beneficial for our eyesight. Folic acid and calcium are found in the Spinach/Palak which is beneficial for pregnant women. The Spinach/Palak is a good source of iron which removes the lack of blood in our body and increases hemoglobin and also helps keep the muscles strong. It contains very few calories and fats that help reduce weight.

Not only the  Nutritional Value of Spinach is excellent but it also plays role in beautifying your skin, especially for women. If any women want to increase their facial beauty then they should regularly take Spinach/Palak juice. It has been observed from the experiment that continuous intake of Spinach/Palak gives rise to fair color. Benefits of Spinach/Palak is increased if it is eaten raw by making vegetables and vegetables. The Spinach/Palak is communicated with blood purification and muscle power.

There is an iron element in it too – The lack of blood loss in the blood of blood element or lack of blood in the blood, its immediate effect affects the lip, nostril, capillary, ear, an eye on the face, causing the redness of the mouth and the abridged extinction, It happens. Iron deficiency leads to loss of energy, loss of body, lack of enthusiasm, lack of energy, laziness, weakness, gastric retardation, dislike, liver problems etc. Therefore, the Spinach/Palak should be used for its supply.

Raw Spinach is very useful. It cures the whole system of digestion system. A cough or swelling in the lungs, it is beneficial for everyone to intake Spinach/Palak juice. Drinking Spinach/Palak juice daily increases the eyesight as well as can increase your memory. Due to iodine it also relieves the brain from fatigue.

Benefits of Spinach/Palak:

  • Profitable for eyes – Drinking Spinach/Palak juice increases the eyesight. The eyes look healthy and we stay away from eye diseases.
  • It is good to give the patient’s juice mixed with raw Papayas during jaundice.
  • Take a teaspoon honey and fourth spoon of jeera/cumin powder with a cup of Spinach/Palak juice in thyroid, it benefits.
  • Patients suffering from heart-related diseases should take two teaspoons of honey with one cup of Spinach/Palak juice daily.
  • The same amount of Spinach/Palak juice & equal quantity of coconut water is taken in the evening, then the stone clogs out.
  • Taking a mixture of rock salt/Sedha Namak according to taste in a glass of Spinach/Palak, it provides plenty of benefits in asthma and breathing diseases.
  • Spinach/Palak juice is available. Constipation will be cured due to continuous drinking half glass of juice of raw Spinach/Palak.

Nutritional Value of Spinach


    • One of the benefits of Spinach/Palak is helping to remove the lung rot, also in stroke diseases, diarrhea. The patient suffering from lung disease should take Spinach/Palak.
    • Blood pressure reduction in the blood disorders three times a day by drinking Spinach/Palak juice 100 times a day, redness, strength energy is transmitted on the face. The blood circulation process accelerates and the appearance of the face comes to a great extent.
    • It calms the speed of bile, it is very beneficial in jaundice and cough caused by heat.
    • Iron is very high in Spinach/Palak and the iron body in it absorbs easily. So eating Spinach/Palak, hemoglobin increases. People suffering from blood loss benefit greatly from eating Spinach/Palak.
    • Pregnant women often lack deficiency of folic acid, it is beneficial to eat Spinach/Palak to overcome its deficiency. Also, calcium found in Spinach/Palak is very beneficial for growing children, old people, and pregnant and lactating women. Breastfeeding mother makes more milk in breasts.
    • Spinach/Palak also good for cardiovascular problems. Add half a teaspoon of Chawlai juice, one spoonful of Spinach/Palak juice and one teaspoon lemon juice mixed together in the morning, the heart will start benefiting from the patient.
    • It is also helpful in removing joint pain. Spinach/Palak is good for joint pain.
    • Mix a hundred grams of carrot juice in a hundred grams of Spinach/Palak juice and drink it due to blood disorders in summer, it is very beneficial to get more boils.
    • For removing physical impairment, it is very beneficial for the patient to drink fifty grams of tomato juice in the juice of fifty grams of tomato juice.

  • On the problem of urinary resistance, fifty grams of Spinach/Palak, add fifty grams of kulthi juice, add lemon juice and eat it in the morning.
  • Mixing pomegranate juice in the Spinach/Palak juice, it is very beneficial in the problem of Naasir.
  • Raw Spinach/Palak looks bitter and saline in the food, but it is very beneficial. Raita of raw Spinach/Palak with curd is very tasty and potent.
    Spinach/Palak juice strengthens teeth and gums. The patient should be chewed with raw Spinach/Palak teeth. Pouring the juice of stomach Spinach/Palak in the morning, the pearia is cured. Mixing carrot juice in it stops bleeding from the gums.
  • Whenever it comes to green vegetables, first comes the name of the Spinach/Palak. Due to the nutritional value of Spinach or due to a very healthy list of Benefits of Spinach/Palak, this leafy vegetable is called Ramban/Miracle. People say that a person eating a Spinach/Palak never goes to the doctor, it means that the person eating this never gets ill.
  • Plenty of iron is found in Spinach/Palak. By drinking Spinach/Palak juice twice a day, blood sugar levels remain in control. It is also very beneficial for anemia patients.
  • Drink one cup Spinach/Palak juice with 1 cup spoon juice and the fourth spoon of cumin seeds mixed with thyroid juice.
  • In a glass of Spinach/Palak, mix the rock salt according to taste and drink it provides relief in asthmatics and respiratory diseases.
  • Applying Spinach/Palak leaves ground with neem leaves, putting on lip puffs, bad blood will get out and the abscess will be healed.
  • By taking equal quantity of Spinach/Palak, cucumber and carrot, the juice starts growing by taking juice of its juice.
  • Rinse with the Spinach/Palak juice to remove the stench of breath and mouth, it provides relief in the problems of dentin and mouth problems and also the smell of mouth.
  • Spinach/Palak soup – Spinach/Palak soup is healthy, it is also very nutritious for us. A Spinach/Palak soup filled with many nutrients like Iron will make your evening healthy and tasty.
  • Spinach/Palak is very beneficial for growing children, old people, and pregnant women. There is too much calcium in it.

Nutritional Value of Spinach

  • Skin diseases often start bothering us. Drink a carrot and mixed Spinach/Palak juice in skin diseases.
  • Make long hair – Vitamin B, C, and E are found in Spinach/Palak. The iron in the Spinach/Palak increases the flow of oxygen in the body, thus increasing blood circulation in the cells. For this reason, the Spinach/Palak helps in increasing the hair length.
  • Lever-Mixing of carrot & Spinach/Palak juice is a very beneficial home remedy for liver cirrhosis. Drink Spinach/Palak juice  & carrot juice mixed in equal quantity. Drink this natural juice regularly at least once a day to keep the liver clean.
  • Applying Spinach/Palak leaves with neem leaves, putting on lip puffs, bad blood will get out and the abscess will be healed.
  • Immediate coagulation of the Spinach/Palak leaves on the burnt part will prevent irritation and blisters.
  • If there are adverse side effects of any medication or after eating any toxic items, then Spinach/Palak Spinach/Palak in water and the affected person gets relief immediately after adding some juice of ginger to the affected person.
  • Regular intake of Spinach/Palak, all the disorders away, redness on the face, energy, enthusiasm, power and blood flow in the body are rapid. Its continuous consumption enhances the face rhythm. Eye color increases.

  • This mixture of carrot and Spinach/Palak contains vitamin A and iron, both of which are extremely essential in the benefits of red blood cells and hemoglobin. When the red blood cells are in the right amount in the body. So all the diseases related to blood are not anemia.
  • Drinking 250 ml carrot and Spinach/Palak juice daily, the nose and throat diseases are cured.
  • Carrot and Spinach/Palak juice contain antioxidants and vitamin C which keeps cells healthy and longer for a long time. This keeps the distortion of immature cells away.
  • Beneficial in Cancer – Carotenoids & flavonoids in the mixture of carrots and Spinach/Palak also are yogic, which also prevent the unnecessary growth of the cell, thus it is also beneficial in the prevention of cancer.


Due to the Nutritional value of Spinach, this is also known as super food. In this, an element called folate is found, which also works to repair new DNA in those cells, as well as creating new cells in the body. In addition, fiber iron, antioxidant elements and vitamin-C present in the body keep healthy in every way. The digestive system works properly with the consumption of boiled Spinach/Palak and the problem of constipation is removed.



All the materials here are provided for information and enlightenment of readers only. We kindly request you to contact your doctor before trying any of the solutions given here. Your doctor knows better about your health and there is no alternative to a doctor’s advice. If you have any health loss or any kind of loss due to the use of any given remedy here, then there is no moral responsibility for

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How to Get Fairer Skin Overnight | Fair & Clear Skin At Home

How to get fairer Skin Overnight:  In today’s pollution-filled environment, the glow, texture, and smoothness of our skin is continuously decreasing day by day. To regain the glow,  to get fairer skin and to improve their skin condition, many women often use expensive glowing skin products.  These products show their effect for some time, but even their effects reduce from time to time. Also by using these market products, we are affecting our skin and health by its very bad side effects.

Well,  what if we can have our glow back, have fair skin and also prevent the harmful effects of market products. Yes, this is possible by adopting these home remedies. Mostly in the summer, skin problems are more likely to occur to everyone. In this situation, by adopting some home remedies of Kesar & Honey, we can make your skin unblemished and beautiful, without using market glowing skin products. In this article, I will be sharing home remedies for fair skin.


Some Home Remedies for Fair Skin:

1. Glowing Skin:

How to Get Fairer Skin Overnight


For this, you should take 1 spoon sandal powder. With this, take 2 spoonful milk and a pinch of Saffron/Kesar. Mix these three together for 5 minutes and after that, you apply this mixture on your skin and after 20 minutes wash with plain water.

2. Remove Acne/Pimples:

How to Get Fairer Skin Overnight

If you want to get rid of the problem of acne, then take 4 or 5 leaves of Tulsi,  a spoonful of honey, a pinch of Saffron/Kesar for it. Now grind the leaves of Tusli with Saffron/Kesar and mix this paste with honey. After this, apply this paste on your acne/pimple. After 15 minutes you can wash it with plain water.

3. Sun-tanning Problem:

Take a very small amount of Saffron/Kesar adds it in a spoonful of milk at night. Mix these things well in the morning and mix this mixture in one spoon of honey. Now you put this paste on your affected area. Wash it after 20 mins with cold water. This paste can be used twice in a week.

4. Fine Line Problems:

How to Get Fairer Skin Overnight

If you have fine lines on your body and you want to remove them, then mix the Aloe Vera gel and honey, add the Saffron/Kesar finely(bareek kat le) in it. Put this mixture on the affected area of your body and after 15 minutes wash with plain water. It not only removes your finer lines but also gives a clean glowing look on your skin.

5. Keep Skin Moisture:

How to Get Fairer Skin Overnight

Applying the Saffron/Kesar in the milk in the winter season prevents moisture in the skin, and the color also shines. To make a face pack for face, put a little saffron/ Kesar in milk in a bowl. Then apply it on your face with the help of cotton. After this pack dries, wash with normal water. You can apply this face pack 2-3 times a week

6. Removing Wrinkles:

How to Get Fairer Skin Overnight


A face pack made of Saffron/Kesar, honey and almonds are helpful in removing wrinkles. To make this pack, soak the almonds in the water overnight and make a paste. After soaking the saffron/Kesar in lukewarm water, mix it with honey, lemon juice, and almond paste. Applying this pack to face and neck, the problem of wrinkles will start removing within a few days

7. Remove the Dryness of the Skin:



To avoid the problem of dry skin, you can use face pack made with lemon and saffron. lemon helps in cleansing of skin in depth and saffron helps to make the skin shine. To make this pack, add some saffron fibers to half teaspoon lemon juice. If your skin is too dry then you can mix some drops of milk too. Leave this pack on your face and leave it for 25 minutes. Then wash it with lukewarm water.

8. Helpful in Fairness of your skin:

A face pack made from Saffron, milk and olive oil is very helpful for fairness. Therefore, people who want fair skin should be using this pack regularly. To make this pack, you add saffron, milk, rose water and olive oil or coconut oil. Applying a pack such as this scrub makes skin shiny as well as Fair.

9. Saffron for Skin:

How to Get Fairer Skin Overnight

Due to the sharp fragrance of saffron, it is used in different types of recipes to enhance fragrance and flavor in our cooking. But do you know that saffron is very beneficial for face and skin, as it beautifies and improves the texture of the skin? Face pack of saffron helps in making our skin pinkish & glowing.  It also makes our complexion to fair skin. If you want a clean and glowing skin then you can use it.

By using these home remedies for fair skin tips, your skin becomes beautiful and glowing ever-lasting.



Hope you liked our home remedies for fair skin. These are very commonly used skin care tips.. Pl do share & comment below. What are your views about “How to Get Fairer Skin Overnight”. Thank you


All the materials here are provided for information and enlightenment of readers only. We kindly request you to contact your doctor before trying any of the solutions given here. Your doctor knows better about your health and there is no alternative to a doctor’s advice. If you have any health loss or any kind of loss due to the use of any given remedy here, then there is no moral responsibility for

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7 Simple Foods | How to Get Glowing Skin Naturally

Get Glowing Skin Naturally: Skin is considered one of the most sensitive parts of our body. Everyone’s wish is that his/her skin always stays healthy and glossy. In this article, I m going to share some skin care tips to get glowing skin naturally. But using fairness creams is not the proper solutions to it. Your medicines/ fairness creams do not make your skin shine but your health definitely gets spoiled. The diet for glowing skin naturally plays a very important role.


To keep the skin healthy and shiny, our body needs different types of nutrients. You need to take special care of your diet for those you can not fill with medicines. Everything you eat only affects your skin. You can maintain shiny and healthy for your skin. Today we are going to tell you about some of these 7 food items to get glowing skin naturally. These Foods are very commonly used to help us in taking skin care.  Skin is the most sensitive part in our body.


Skin Care tips to get Glowing Skin Naturally:


1. Spinach / Palak:

get glowing skin naturally

As we all know very well that Spinach is a very good friend of Popeye. In spinach, adequate amounts of Vitamin A, Vitamin C, Vitamin K, and Vitamin E are found, as well as many important nutrients and minerals. The spinach helps in maintaining the pH level of our skin and does not even cause problems of acne. Use the spinach as a salad or as a vegetable, it helps in making your skin healthy in every way. Due to Vitamin B in the spinach, it protects our skin from the harmful rays of the sun. Which is considered to be the cause of skin cancer. With the help of these properties found in the spinach, you can also reduce signs of aging. Not only this, but the properties of antioxidant are also found. Those who destroy the harmful elements present in our body. Vitamin A in the spinach makes our skin tone looks good, the second and vitamin C helps to make the cells present in our body healthy. This is the very important diet for glowing skin.

2. Walnut/ Akhrot:

get glowing skin naturally

Stress is considered to be the biggest enemy of the skin, due to which the wrinkles on the skin begin to fall. Not only this, there are many other types of skin related problems too. Vitamin B is also found in adequate amounts in the nut, which help in reducing stress. By the way, you must also believe that by reducing the level of stress, our skin remains healthy. Not only that, vitamin E is also found in the nut which helps in reducing stress, along with Vitamin B.  Must add Walnut in your regular diet for glowing skin in long run. Well if you have dark circles under your eyes then you can reduce them by using walnut oil. Not only this, if you use it for a few days regularly, it can also reduce swelling around your eyes.

3. Kiwi:

get glowing skin naturally

Kiwi is known,  as the fruit of New Zealand that helps in increasing blood platelets also.. This fruit helps in keeping our skin healthy and shiny as well as being very tasty. Properties of vitamin C, E and antioxidants are found in Kiwi. Which help in keeping our skin very healthy and moistured. By the way, adding the fruit to your food diet keeps your stomach clean. Not only this, if you consume it regularly, then it helps to remove all types of toxic substances present in your body. Not only that, Vitamin E found in this helps to moisturize the skin. another healthy benefit of  Kiwi is that it helps in the process of renewal of skin cells. Vitamin C is considered to be the production of collagen, which helps in maintaining a healthy and shiny skin for a very long time. Kiwi is best to get Glowing Skin naturally without using any fairness creams..

4. Tomato:

get glowing skin naturally

Tomatoes are very beneficial for our skin, whether you use it as a juice or as a salad. Vitamin C is found in sufficient quantity in tomatoes. Which helps to maintain the brightness of your skin. In fact, if you use tomato seed oil, it can also reduce the problems of aging. Not only that, the problem of psoriasis and eczema is also treated with tomato seed oil. Tomatoes are also found in vitamin A and C, mostly used in acne medicines. This is why Tomato is also very beneficial in the treatment of acne. A research combines elements called lycopene that life found antioxidants in tomatoes by which acts as a natural sunscreen and protects our skin from the harmful rays of the sun.

5. Dark Chocolate:

get glowing skin naturally

We know you will be surprised at the name of chocolate, but it is true that with the help of dark chocolate, you can make your skin healthy and shiny. Apart from this, there are also properties of antioxidant in chocolate, due to which it also provides minerals like zinc, iron, and copper. With the help of these minerals, our body helps in the development of cells.

6. Sweet Potato / Shakarankand:

get glowing skin naturally

Shakarkand is a healthy form of potato. Unlike potatoes, sweet potato is very nutritious and also good for your health. Omega 3 fatty acids, phosphorus, magnesium, sodium, potassium, vitamin A, B, C, E and K, and zinc are found in sufficient quantity in the sweet potato. Fibers found in sweet potato help keep our body healthy and also help in the removal of toxins present in our body. In addition, beta-carotene and anthocyanin are also found in natural sweeteners. Beta-carotene helps in the treatment of various diseases like heart disease, cancer, and cataract. While the anthocyanin help fight pigmentation.

7. Almond/Badam:

get glowing skin naturally

Almond is considered to be the most beneficial food, with the help of it, our skin becomes shiny. Almond is very good to get Glowing Skin Naturally. Omega contains 3 fatty acids in almonds, which helps regulate blood sugar levels, in addition to helping to reduce fat in the body, reducing blood pressure and maintaining fat in the muscles. It improves disease resistance power also. Almonds are also used as a large source of protein. Proteins present in almonds, magnesium helps cells gain energy. Not only this, stress helps in reducing the bad effect of the hormone cortisol, which also reduces the problems of aging.


Hope you liked our tips to get glowing skin naturally. These are very commonly used skin care tips. Add these things in your diet for glowing skin. Pl do share & comment below.


All the materials here are provided for information and enlightenment of readers only. We kindly request you to contact your doctor before trying any of the solutions given here. Your doctor knows better about your health and there is no alternative to a doctor’s advice. If you have any health loss or any kind of loss due to the use of any given remedy here, then there is no moral responsibility for

11 Unexpected Health Benefits of Cauliflower | MUST READ

Morning Mistakes that will affect your Health | MUST READ

10 Unexpected Health Benefits of Cauliflower

Who does not like to eat cauliflower? There are so many health benefits of cauliflower. In all vegetables, Cauliflower vegetable is very much liked. Cauliflower is very tasty to eat. It is found in abundance of fiber, vitamins, antioxidants, and minerals. Cauliflower is a good source of minerals such as manganese, copper, iron, calcium, and potassium. Cauliflower helps prevent many other diseases like cancer, diabetes, heart disease, infection, overweight, swelling. Cauliflower is eaten mainly in winter, which is full of many properties. In India, Cauliflower is used in many dishes such as vegetables, parathas, bharvans, dulma and pickles.


Cauliflower is cooked and eaten as a raw salad.  Many people dont know the health benefits of cauliflower. But for the best benefit, it is good to eat raw. By cooking Cauliflower more, its vital nutrients and vitamins are destroyed. There are some elements and components in Cauliflower, which increase the immunity in humans and prevent old age pre-birth.


Leaves – Cauliflower leaves are also beneficial. Cauliflower leaves contain much more iron and calcium. In fact, the most calcium-rich vegetables in vegetables are the same leaf. By eating vegetables which contain calcium and iron, bone remains strong, immunity increases and digestion helps. About 100 grams of cauliflower leaves contain about 600 milligrams of calcium.


1. Obesity / Weight Problem :

Cauliflower Benefits

Cauliflower intake works for obesity and is beneficial to prevent different types of swelling and metabolic disorders in the body. It is also helpful in increasing the amount of fat consumption and preventing obesity.

2. Blood Vomiting:

Health Benefits Of Cauliflower

By eating cauliflower or eating it raw, it stops bleeding from the blood. T.B. Also very helpful for the suffering patient.

3. Healthy Bones:

Health Benefits Of Cauliflower

Cauliflower contains vitamin C, which plays a key role in the production of collagen which protects joints and bones from being damaged due to inflammation. It also contains vitamin K which helps prevent bone loss in both men and women.

4. Stomach Problems:

Health Benefits Of Cauliflower

Cauliflower is a source of dietary fiber that helps in digestion and exits toxic substances outside the body. Cauliflower prevents the lining of the stomach. It protects against stomach problems such as stomach ulcers and cancer of the intestines etc. It is very beneficial for the stomach.

5. Pregnancy:

Health Benefits Of Cauliflower

Foliage is essential for the healthy neurological development of the baby in cauliflower, it is beneficial to include cauliflower in the diet during pregnancy. Cauliflower contains various essential vitamins and minerals with fiber that improve overall health.

6. Helps in Cancer:

Health Benefits Of Cauliflower

Cauliflower helps reduce the risk of cancer. The risk of diseases such as lung cancer, stomach cancer etc. is less with the regular consumption of Cauliflower.

7. Good for Liver:

Health Benefits Of Cauliflower

Cauliflower helps activate the enzymes present in the liver. With this, the liver works better and the toxic substances get out of the body in excess quantity. This can be avoided due to the damage to many organs of the body

8. Cholesterol:

Health Benefits Of Cauliflower

Cauliflower is a high source of fiber, it keeps the body’s cholesterol level normal. Consumption of cauliflower reduces cholesterol risk. It is advisable to avoid cholesterol.

9. Good for Heart:

Health Benefits Of Cauliflower

Sulforaphane helps in relieving blood and improving kidney activity. You can take it regularly and keep your heart healthy. This reduces the risk of heart-related diseases such as a heart attack etc.

10. Diabetes:

Health Benefits Of Cauliflower

Cauliflower consumption can be controlled by diabetes. It affects the level of insulin in the body and prevents sugar from growing. You can lead a healthy life by keeping your diabetes-like condition under control.


More Health Benefits of Cauliflower:

  • Eating raw cauliflower by washing it, clean the blood and cleansing of many skin diseases. It also contributes to the strengthening of physical strength due to the presence of iron elements and proteins.
  •  Consumption of Cauliflower leaves juice is beneficial in the diagnosis of gout disease. It is believed that after consuming this juice for at least three months, every kind of pain is discharged.
  • Drinking half a glass of Cauliflower juice while sleeping at night helps in constipation.
  • Cancellor (blood cleanser): Cauliflower contains alkaline elements. The mixture of sulfur and chlorine found in cauliflower cleanses the mucus, membranes, and intestines.
  •  When burning urine of cauliflower after burning urine, irritation of urine is removed.
  • Cauliflower is eaten mainly in winter, which is full of many properties. Cauliflower can also be eaten raw.
  • In the cauliflower a small protein, phosphorus, iron element, potassium, sulfur, niacin and vitamin ‘C’ etc. are found in excess quantities.
  • By eating Cauliflower, skin diseases, gas, nails and hair diseases are destroyed.

Health Benefits Of Cauliflower


  • Raw Cauliflower is prettier than cooked cauliflower.
  • Cauliflower strengthens the muscles.
  • In Cauliflower, sulfur and chlorine are useful in cleaning the intestines, but it is only possible if cauliflower or its juice is taken raw.
  • Patients with stomach ulcer can drink three to six pounds of Cauliflower juice three times a day or eat raw Cauliflower from four to five times a day after normal meal, it can be beneficial in stomach and ulcer disease.
  • Drinking coconut juice benefits the eyes and weaknesses in jaundice. Its excessive use can make air. To avoid this, it should be eaten with an equal amount of carrots.
  • After stomachache, taking Cauliflower root, leaf, stem fruits and flowers in rice water and taking it in the morning and evening cures stomachache. Cauliflower juice is also very beneficial for jaundice. Mix juice of carrot and cauliflower with jaundice.


Hope you all liked my health benefits of cauliflower. Pl don’t forget to share & comment below. Thank you.


It should not be used in excess quantity because eating more than this can lead to problems such as constipation and also consult a doctor. But despite this it has many advantages.


All the materials here are provided for information and enlightenment of readers only. We kindly request you to contact your doctor before trying any of the solutions given here. Your doctor knows better about your health and there is no alternative to her advice. If you have any health loss or any kind of loss due to the use of any given remedy here, then there is no moral responsibility for


Normal Platelet Count: Dengue Fever Can be Dangerous

Morning Mistakes that will affect your Health | MUST READ

As our life getting busier, we are forgetting simple things in our life. We are giving main importance to our daily life routes like going late parties, using mobiles too much, eating junk food & many more. As an old saying.. Early to bed, early to rise makes a person healthy, wealthy & wise. So today I am to share the top morning mistakes we do at the beginning of our day. As an old belief,  some people believe that if your day starts well then the rest of the day will go amazingly. With this thought, let’s start our today’s topic.  Many people start their morning in the wrong way by doing small mistakes, which makes them ruin their whole day. So let’s know what are those morning mistakes that we do in the morning, which we should avoid.


1. Don’t Spoil Your Mood:

People often get into a fight with their partner or with their parents in the morning. This is the top mistake among the morning mistake, we all do. This is really bad as it spoils the mood of both. Do not fight as soon as you wake up in the morning, nor start the new day on the basis of the old fights or bad memories. Start the day with a smile and greet your partner or parents happily.


2. Do not use Bad Words:

Do not talk to people in a rigid language/abusive language by raising your voice in the morning or going home or to the office. Use simple, appropriate and positive words. Use words like “Please”, “thank you”, “Good job,” the words take you closer to people. Talk to everyone politely.


3. Watching Mirror:

The first thing, we do in the morning is to look in the mirror, which we should avoid it altogether. Vastu science believes that when we wake up in the morning, negative energy is influenced by our body, which puts the most effect on our face. When we see the mirror as soon as we get up, the negative energy goes through the eyes,  once again inside us. That’s why we should look into the mirror only after washing our face.


4. Don’t pick Gadgets:

In today’s age, everyone from a kid to an old man, everyone is a gadget-freak in a big way. The first thing we always do is to pick our mobile or tab, just to check emails or feeds. This has become our daily routine. Getting stuck in the computer or mobile as soon as we wake up, is affecting our health in very bad way (especially mental health). It also makes our time and day management inefficient.


5. Watching Violence:

Many kids and even adults, the moment they wake up, in the morning, just switch on the television. This is also a morning mistake to avoid. Switching on the tv and watching fights, horror shows etc makes the mind unsettled and tense. Sometimes old people started watching the crying crystals from the morning is also bad for their health. which is also one reason, why the day passes too poor. So avoid them and relax and meditate for a while. It is also recommended not to watch such things in the morning.


6. Eating without Cleaning Teeth:

Those who wake up in the morning and start eating without cleaning their teeth is definitely planning a trip to the dentist very soon. Those people never able to stay healthy in their life. This is a very bad habit, also not recommended. After having a sleep our mouth is full of germs & bacteria, that really needs to be cleaned in the morning. So Clean your teeth first thing in the morning. Also remember, Healthy and white teeth makes your smile more beautiful.


7. Do not Exercise:

Exercise/Yoga is very good for our health. It is very recommended to do some exercise/Yoga in the morning. You can work out in the evening or afternoon throughout the day, but it is most beneficial to exercise early in the morning.  It is very important to stay healthy & fit in long run to lead a long life.

8. No Water intake:

There are many benefits to drinking water, by which we take out the toxins present in our bodies and keep their intestines healthy as well. Therefore it is beneficial to consume adequate water. Giving intake of 8-10 glasses of water daily keeps the intestines healthy. It also helps our body to clean internally.

9. Don’t be so fast:

Do not get out of shock: It is a slow time in the morning. Give yourself time while rising in the morning and move the muscles slowly, do not rush as soon as the day starts. The mistakes of the morning are not having a positive effect on the quality of our day and in the long run, it has serious effects on our health and well being. Spend some time in peace, take long breaths and enjoy our nature.

10. Preparation:

Almost anything in life needs some preparation to be done WELL. The same goes for your mornings. You want to wake up with all the “weapons” in place. Like a lone ranger who’s battling against the morning clock. Your time is limited – so your best way of survival is to avoid delays and hesitations. That means having your clothes ironed and ready, loading gas in the car, and putting cash in your wallet beforehand. It’s not just preparing for what’s going to happen – but also for the unexpected.

11. Getting Up Late:

The biggest mistake of the beginning of the day is to get late. Upon late, not only do you get delayed for the office but your day worsens. So wake up early in the morning and sleep by night. Timing is very important if you wish to stay healthy & focused in life.


Hope you all liked our topic on Morning Mistakes we all do. Pl do like & share. Thank you so much for your time. Pl do comment below about this morning mistakes topic.

All the materials here are provided for information and enlightenment of readers only. We kindly request you to contact your doctor before trying any of the solutions given here. Your doctor knows better about your health and there is no alternative to her advice. If you have any health loss or any kind of loss due to the use of any given remedy here, then there is no moral responsibility for


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Jio Cashback Rs 50, How to get this Recharge? Simple & Easy

Last week, Jio completed his two years in the Indian market. As now they are giving Jio Cashback. On the occasion of his second anniversary, the company first gave customers 1GB free data through Cadbury chocolate blank wrapper. And Again  2GB of data per day for 5 consecutive days. Now after the recharge of more than 300 rupees through PhonePe, a cashback of Rs. 50 is being given by the company.


In this case, after applying the instant discount voucher of Rs 50, the effective price of the recharge will be reduced to 100 rupees. This cashback can be used only once and these offers will end on September 21. Remember to take advantage of this offer, it is necessary for customers to recharge more than 300 rupees through phone pe.


Customers can also choose BHIM UPI as a payment method, but the transaction should be done through PhonePe only. Customers can also take advantage of this offer from the My Jio app and website. The most economical recharge above 300 rupees is Rs 349 and the rest recharge is available up to Rs 9,999.


Cashback will be credited as a gift voucher within 24 hours after the cashback transaction is completed on PhonePe. This cashback can be used for shopping on recharge, bill payment, and phone partner stores. However, it can not be transferred to any bank account.


Apart from this, Reliance Jio is giving 1GB 4G data for free to those customers who have Cadbury Dairy Milk Chocolate in celebration of their second anniversary. To get the benefit of free internet pack, the user must have a blank wrapper of regular Cadbury dairy milk chocolate or dairy milk cracker, dairy milk roast almond, dairy milk freight, and nut or dairy milk leakables.


In addition to free internet pack to customers, the company is also offering free data transfer to other jio subscribers. Valid till 30th September only. Also, let’s say you also have the MyJio app in your smartphone to get free data.


The banner seen on the MyJio app’s home screen is offering free data in it. Clicking on this banner will show you the Participate Now button, which you will have to click. After this, you have to scan the barcode of the blank wrapper of dairy milk chocolate to get free data. These offers are valid till 30 September.


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Moto G6 Plus Launched

More Information

Xiaomi Mi A2 Lite (64 GB): Xiaomi Mi Review

Xiaomi POCO F1: Full Phone Specifications | Poco F1 Price

Moto G6 Plus Launched: 6GB RAM, Dual Rear Cameras

Moto G6 Plus Launched: Lenovo-owned Motorola has launched its new Smartphone Moto G6 Plus in India. Earlier Motorola had launched Moto G6 and Moto G 6 Play. The Moto G6 Plus will have 6 GB of RAM with a large display. Please tell us that the company has introduced a variant of 6 Gb RAM of Moto G6 Plus only in India. In the international market, the Moto G6 Plus only has a variant of 4 GB RAM. Moto G6 Plus Launched in the very excellent way.


Moto G6 Plus & Launching Offers:

The price of Moto G6 Plus in India is Rs 22,499 and its sales have begun with the offline stores of Amazon India, Moto-Hub, and Motorola. Moto G6 Plus Indigo Black Color will be available in Variant. If you talk about the offers with Moto G6 Plus, you will get a cashback of Rs 3,000 for purchasing a phone from Peti M Mall, although it will have to buy from PettyM Mall app. Apart from this, Rs 4,450 is being benefited from Geo.


Specifications of Moto G6 Plus :

Speaking of Moto G6 Plus features, it has a 5.93-inch full HD plus displays with an aspect ratio of 18: 9 and a resolution of 1080×2160 pixels. Apart from this, stock Android Orao 8.0 will be available on the phone, though the company has said that this phone will also get an update of Android Pie 9.0. Dual SIM support, 2.2GHz Octart Snapdragon 630 processor, 508 GPUs for graphics, 6 GB RAM and 64 GB storage will be available in the Moto G6, which can be expanded up to 128 GB.

Talking about the Moto G6 Plus camera, there is a dual rear camera in which one lens is 12 megapixels, whose aperture is f / 1.7, while the second lens is 5 megapixels. The front camera has 8 megapixels. The dual-tone flashlight will be available with both rear and front camera.

Talking about connectivity, it will get 4G LTE, Wi-Fi, Bluetooth 5.0, USB Type C, NFC, 3200 mAh battery and 3.5mm headphone jack. The battery supports turbocharging of Motorola. The company claims that the battery will back up to 7 hours in 15 minutes of charging.

Difference AC Gym or Non AC Gym? Best for a workout?

Ac gym or Non Ac gym: Some people used to go exercise in the park daily, also a number of people who like to workout at the gym. In the park, you are practically exercising, while in the gym there are many types of machines that help the muscles be molded in a special way. In the gym, you work out with the help of a trainer, while in the park or home you exercise according to your intelligence.

Many of us see a gym for convenience, where AC is located. But do you know that the AC in the gym is good for your health or not?

Nowadays people have become more cautious about their fitness and well being and they get gym memberships to get a healthy and fit body. We spend a lot of time in the gym. We are always looking for a place where we get all the facilities without knowing it is good or bad for our health.  So the question is whether it is important to have AC in the gym or not? If yes, does it affect your workout?

Nowadays, many public places such as cafes, restaurant, shopping complexes, and even public vehicles parking are equipped with AC. At these places, the AC is still fine, but having an AC in the gym is definitely a question to debate.

If this was the same question in your mind then today, you will find the answer to your question in this article. Nowadays, wherever we go, the AC is always there. But why do we have such a need for AC?

It is important to maintain the quality of the air at the closed places and therefore the AC gives fresh air to breathe in the air from the surrounding place. There is constant heat emerging from the human body, which is a difficult task for humans to stay for long periods of time.  By the way, AC is always there everywhere but it is not needed. A.C. should be located only in areas where the natural air is not able to reach or lose at all.

Do you really need AC in the gym? This is a serious discussion topic. In order to know better, you have to understand the place where gym is located, whether there is a need for AC or not. Researchers say that in comfortable environments, we can exercise more, but in such a situation it takes a lot of time to warm up the body, which makes us feel tired. So what should be the right environment for workouts?

People are not aware that the AC or non-AC gym is better. If you are still unaware of this, we are telling the facts related to it. Let’s understand what the advantages and disadvantages of having an AC in the gym are


Benefits of AC in the gym:

  • With a comfortable environment, you spend a lot of time in the gym so that you get your goal quickly.
  • After the workout, the body gets cold quickly.
  • Muscle cramps are less when exercising in such an environment.


Benefits of Non-AC Gym:

  • Exercise cardio exercises without AC is beneficial.
  • Even after the break, the muscles do not need to do warm up again and again.
  • Benefits of Excessive Exercise in the Gym by the sweat out of the workout, the toxic substances from the body also get out.

Does this affect the workout?

There is no effect on the workout, due to the availability or non-availability of AC. The environment around you does not have much effect on the workout. Some people sweat to burn most calories. You should keep in mind that excessive sweating does not burn excess calories. Sweat simply exits the toxic substances from the body.

If you still can not understand what is right for you, keep in mind the other things, keep your choices open.

For example, if you have a lot of sweating on your body then you should go to the AC gym because due to excessive sweating, cataracts can be stopped and cause skin diseases. If you live in a cool place, then take a gym without an AC so that money can be saved. If hygiene matters to you a lot,  then the AC gym will be better for you. By taking a workout in an AC gym, you can take a little longer to get a fit body than a non-AC.

What is the Good Workout?

Everyone wants a fit body. If you want to know about the right ways to get it then pay attention to these things. Keep these things in mind while doing workouts at the gym:

  • Prepare your goal and talk to the trainer. Whether you want to increase or decrease the weight, always talk about your goal with your trainer so that they prepare your exercise routine in the same way.
  • Take special care of your gym’s clothes. Your gym’s clothes should be washed. Wear clean clothes every day to avoid any kind of illness due to perspiration.
  • Bathing is very important after a workout. It is important to have sweat during the gym. Therefore, bathing after the gym cleans the skin, causing the loose crystals closed with sweat and dust.
  • Be sure to warm up without starting warm-up exercises directly without warming up muscle tension. It can cause muscle pain.
  • Take care of your diet, going to the gym, it does not mean that you can eat anything. Exercise and diet should be both together. Sometimes you can eat from your choice but do not forget to go to the gym and burn calories.

So these are the factors that will help you to decide if you want to go for an AC gym or Non-AC gym. Still it depends on person to person, also your gym location, your body type, fitness goals, your budget & last but not the least how much time you want to spend in your gym. Pl do comment & share your views with us. I hope my article will help you to find perfect gym for you.

All the materials here are provided for information and enlightenment of readers only. We kindly request you to contact your doctor before trying any of the solutions given here. Your doctor knows better about your health and there is no alternative to her advice. If you have any health loss or any kind of loss due to the use of any given remedy here, then there is no moral responsibility for


Normal Platelet Count: Dengue Fever Can be Dangerous

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